Les Blockhaus du mur de l’Atlantique

«Discover the history of the second world war by visiting our 3 museums on the Atlantic coast»

 Le Grand Blockhaus à Batz-sur-Mer / La Baule 

« Visit a former command post of the German Navy »

Musée Blockhaus Hopital aux Sables d’Olonne

« Travel back in time by discovering an authantique German Hospital blockhouse »

Musée du Bunker de La Rochelle

« Discover the history of La Rochelle by visiting a real bunker »


Visit three 39-45 museums on the Atlantic Coast! Etablished in authentics German Bunker of the Atlantic Wall, these three museums will make you discover the fascinating history of their region during the World War Two. Visiting sites for the whole family, with treasure hunts for childrens!

Le Grand Blockhaus de Batz-sur-Mer/La Baule

Musée de la poche de Saint-Nazaire

Le Blockhaus Hôptital des Sables d’Olonne

Musée 1939-1945

Children's treasure hunt


Visits where you are the heroes !

Wander through a true maze of artefacts to find a mysterious character. A true adventure game for children from 6 to 12 years for an active and playful visit. Win a diploma in solving 8 puzzles.